What does DYJHIW stand for?

Don't you just hate it when

DYJHIW means "don't you just hate it when." This acronym is another way of saying "isn't it the absolute worst when ... "

Most often, chatters and forum users use DYJHIW to ask whether others also hate a thing they hate. For example, a Reddit user might post "DYJHIW you pull up to the bus stop a minute late?," eliciting a series of commiserative responses from other users. Other times, people might use DYJHIW sarcastically, such as in the sentence "DYJHIW the government sends you free money?"


DYJHIW people use acronyms you don't know?

DYJHIW people tell you not to hate?

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Updated December 1, 2020

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