What does horribad mean?

Horribly bad

When something is so bad that it's worse than horrible, it's "horribad" (a combination of "horrible and "bad"). For example, if you get injured and sick on your vacation, you might describe it as a "horribad vacay."

You may also see horribad in online gaming when people are describing the poor play of a gamer or the awfulness of a game (plot, graphics, etc.). For example, if you don't want to play a campaign with a poor player, you may tell your friend, "No way I'm gonna waste my time with him. He's horribad!" Or, you might exclaim, "I was excited about the sequel, but everything about it was horribad."


Our football team is horribad this year
Hopefully, we can get a high draft pick, at least
People may use horribad in messages and when gaming
People may use horribad in messages and when gaming

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Updated September 12, 2023

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