What does emailgate mean?

Hillary Clinton email controversy

Emailgate is a term that refers to Hillary Clinton's email controversy. The term comes from the combination of "email" and "watergate", which was the infamous controversy that made President Richard Nixon resign.

In 2009, Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State and began using an email on a private server, which did not comply with the State Department's policy that required her to be using a secure, authorized system. Then when the Benghazi attacks occurred more focus was put on her use of a vulnerable server and email correspondence. The State Department began reviewing thousands of emails to determine if her conduct was appropriate. The FBI then investigated her and found that she did not intentionally delete her emails but that she exhibited extreme carelessness. The issue became a hot topic during the 2016 presidential election with many Republicans criticizing her handling of the situation.


I'm amazed that she didn't receive any significant punishment for emailgate
I'm not surprised, it didn't seem like she did it maliciously

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Updated January 9, 2019

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