What is a diva?

A self-important, demanding person

Originally, the term diva was used only to describe glamorous, talented female singers. However, because some of those singers are considered incredibly demanding, diva can now be used to refer to any demanding person (typically, a woman).

What is the origin of diva?

Diva is the Latin word for goddess. As opera grew popular in Italy, successful female stars were labeled divas, to note their larger-than-life style and presence.

In the modern age, diva crossed the divide between opera and pop music. Talented female singers who exude stage presence and personality are often labeled divas. In many cases, people admire these sorts of divas.

However, because some divas are temperamental and hard to please, diva gained a secondary meaning. Now, volatile and/or whiny people of all stripes may also be labeled divas.


Stop being such a diva and get over yourself!

Toddler beauty pageants are full of divas

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Updated August 25, 2021

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