HM has 3 meanings
1. What does HM stand for?

Hard mode

A gaming term that refers to dungeons that are set for an additional level of difficulty; most often used in World of Warcraft, but also other MMORPGs such as Knights of the Old Republic.


Our guild is going to try all HMs next weekend

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Updated September 2, 2014
2. What does HM stand for?

High maintenance

HM is an acronym that stands for "high maintenance," which describes a person who needs a lot of attention, typically in the form of emotional or financial support. It may also be used to refer to a person who has expensive taste in food, clothing, cars, homes, etc.

High maintenance people usually require the most attention when in a romantic relationship. The SO often enables the behavior by giving the person the attention he or she seeks.

Read more about high maintenance.


She only shops at Prada
Wow, she is so HM
When you throw a tantrum about not being HM
When you throw a tantrum about not being HM

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Updated June 8, 2018
3. What is hm short for in messages?


When messaging, people may use "hm" as an abbreviation for "home." For example, a person may message you, "My hm tel is 123-456-7890."

While people typically use hm to refer to the place in which they live, they may also use it to refer to other types of homes, like a home webpage or a home base in a game. For example, a developer may message you, "Can you update the hm page?" or "Catch you back at hm base."

Remember that someone unfamiliar with the abbreviation may think you are just saying, "hm," as if you are contemplating something. That could lead to some interesting misunderstandings.


What is your hm address so I can mail you the card?
I just moved and don't remember the address. I'll send it when I look it up after the meeting

The friendly confines of hm

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Updated March 28, 2023

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