What does FNG stand for?

Flippin' new guy


FNG stands for "flippin' new guy" (or a more vulgar variation of the same). This acronym comes from the U.S. Army, where it was coined during the Vietnam War.

Existing army units used FNG to describe inexperienced recruits sent from the United States, who had not yet encountered real field conditions or combat. Often, units shunned their FNGs until they proved they were not a liability.

Those in the military, law enforcement, and other unit-based occupations still use FNG to describe their flippin' new guys. If you work in these professions, and you've been labeled an FNG, you may have some work to do to earn your unit's respect.


These FNGs have no respect for authority

TMW the FNG messes up again

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Updated June 13, 2022

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