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1. What does COC stand for in online gaming?

Clash of Clans

COC is an acronym that stands for "Clash of Clans," which is a strategy video game for Android and iOS devices. It is most often used by gamers to refer to the game and is also used in the game during gameplay.

The game was released in August 2012 for iOS and in October 2013 for Android. It is a fantasy game set in a medieval-like era where players collect resources, such as gold and elixir, by attacking neighboring clans and completing challenges.

As the game gained more users, the acronym increased in popularity. It is most often used by tweens, which make up a large demographic of the game. However, adults who also play the game may use it.


You wanna join forces in COC?
COC gameplay
COC gameplay

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Updated December 18, 2019
2. What does COC stand for in the military?

Code of conduct

COC is a military acronym that refers to a set of rules about how one should act. People may also use it online to refer to netiquette in online forums or chat rooms.

For example, a person referring to the military COC may state that he will never surrender of his own free will. Or, a person invoking online COC may explain to a netizen that they cannot use swear words or offensive slurs.

People may also use COC to refer to general expectations of how people should act. For example, a dad may text his son, "Your mom and I expect you to exemplify a coc better."


You learn a lot about discipline when you have to follow a strict COC in the Army
More kids these days need that

Saluting is part of military COC

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Updated July 19, 2023

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