What is sitrep short for?

Situation report

In business and military contexts, "sitrep" is a type of report that gives a status update on the current situation (comes from the combination of "situation" and "report"). Its origins trace back to World War II, when U.S. military officials asked for sitreps when looking for updates regarding new developments, such as changing weather or enemy troop distribution.

Nowadays, you will likely see sitrep in emails or messages (typically in military or work contexts) when time or character space may be an issue. For example, your coworker may message you, "what's the sitrep on the possible merger? You have any juicy intel?" Or, you might email your employees, "The sitrep for this quarter's earnings will be sent out this afternoon. Look for it in your inboxes."


Did you send today's sitrep out yet?
Just did. LMK if you have any questions by the EOD
Sitrep regarding the Russia and Ukraine conflict
Sitrep regarding the Russia and Ukraine conflict

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Updated December 19, 2023

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