What does FWP stand for?

First world problem

FWP is an acronym for "first world problem." The phrase refers to a problem that is insignificant compared to serious problems.

The acronym is commonly preceded with a hashtag (#) on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The acronym is often posted after a complaint by a person when he or she knows it's not that big of deal but wants to share it anyways.

A first world country is one that has a developed economy, infrastructure, and political system. Some of these countries include the United Stataes, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Second and third world countries are less stable and comnmonly experience serious problems such as war and starvation.


I can't believe I don't get a signal in my hotel suite! #FWP

Tough FWP for kids to handle

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Updated November 2, 2016

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