What does HPDC mean?

Happy People Don't Complain

HPDC is an acronym for the cliché saying, "Happy people don't complain." The phrase conveys that if someone is happy, they won't complain, and people often apply it as a mantra for building good products.

Of course, complaining isn't necessarily bad, and happy people can still do it. It's actually unhealthy not to speak up when something is wrong. But if you are complaining with no desire for a tangible solution, you are just being grumpy and, therefore, unhappy.

When do people use HPDC?

HPDC is rather obscure, but you may still see it online when messaging, on social media, and in web forums. People may use it to shoot down complaints from others or remind people that well-built items are worth it in the long run.


The company should work on making their products more reliable - after all, HPDC

Remember to smile, cause HPDC!

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Updated March 14, 2022

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