What does GBH stand for?

Great big hug

When you want to give someone a great big hug digitally, you can send him "GBH." It is a way to cheer someone up when you cannot physically give him a real hug.

Who uses GBH?

Older adults that are adept with slang are the most common users of GBH, but anyone may use it, either platonically or romantically. Often, a parent or grandparent sends it to a child or grandchild to virtually hug them when unable to physically due to distance or a Covid quarantine.

When would you use GBH?

You may send GBH, or <GBH>, to a person via a text message or online when you think she needs to be comforted or when you just want to show her that you care about her. It is most often used during significant moments of happiness or sadness but may also be sent when one person is missing another.


It looked like you were down today so I'm sending you a GBH! Love you!

Giving you a GBH!

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Updated April 1, 2021

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