H has 2 meanings
1. What is h short for?


A medical abbreviation for hour; used to inform patients of the frequency in which they should take the medication; commonly appears with Q and the number of hours.


The meds say q3h so you should take them every 3 hours

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Updated March 18, 2015
2. What is h short for?


If you receive only the letter "h" in a text or chat message, the person you're speaking with may be sending you a virtual hug. More often, "hug" is written as <h>, to help recipients understand the abbreviation's meaning.

If you want to (virtually) hug someone back, you can respond to <h> with HB. If you want to include some smooches in your response, you can reply with H&K or the more uniformly recognized XOXO.


You're the best! <h>
No, you are! <hb>

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Updated February 2, 2021

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