Give The Hands

What does it mean to give the hands?


Give the hands is a slang term that means "Fight." It is often used as a threat to throw punches at someone like a boxer in the ring.

While the phrase typically refers to a physical altercation, it may also refer to a verbal confrontation where no one gets physically hurt, only emotionally. It is commonly used online but is also often spoken in real-life by teenagers and young adults for warning a person about an impending scuffle.

"Give the hands" became popular in 2019 and into 2020. It is most often seen on social sites, like Twitter and Facebook, where arguments often occur. It is a variation of "Throwing hands," which comes from lifting, or throwing hands up like a boxer at the start of a match to get ready to attack another person or defend yourself.


He was so mad, he told me that he was gonna give the hands to Carl

She's ready to give the hands

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Updated February 27, 2020

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