Git Gud

What does git gud mean?

Get good

Gamers use git gud (get good) to tell other players they need to up their game. Typically, gamers use this spelling when mocking another player's poor play. For example, if one player whines about how they're never lucky, the player's opponent may respond with "nah, you just need to git gud."

You'll often see git gud used as part of the phrase "git gud noob." This phrase implies a player was playing incredibly poorly, as though they were new to the game.

At times, you may see gamers wholesomely state they want to git gud at something, whether it's a game or another skill. But more often, gamers use git gud as an insult, directed at other players.


hahaha I wreckd you; git gud noob
Git gud or git got
Git gud or git got

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Updated October 28, 2022

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