What is a glizzy?

Hot dog

Glizzy was first a slang term for a gun, more specifically a Glock, in the 2000s but morphed into slang for a hot dog because of its similar shape. The term became popular as a meme in the 2010s, then as a TikTok trend in 2020.

The original meaning of glizzy comes from Black communities in the Washington D.C. and Baltimore metropolitan area, where it was a street term for Glocks. In his 2000 single, It's So Hard, Big Pun raps that he has a "glizzy in the stizzy."

Over the years, people began jokingly referring to hot dogs as glizzys because of their similar long shape. And in the 2010s, the term became popular online (like most Black slang does), especially as a meme featuring people eating hot dogs.

TikTok Glizzy Trend

In 2020, TikTokers (mainly dudes) began posting different shots of people eating glizzys in public because they find it funny how people eat them and because of their phallic shape. TikTokers often call these unsuspecting hot dog (sometimes submarine sandwich) eaters "Glizzy Gobblers" or "Glizzy Gladiators."


I caught pops guzzling a glizzy at the BBQ
TikTok capturing a glizzy gobbler
TikTok capturing a glizzy gobbler

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Updated October 4, 2022

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