What is beaning on TikTok?

Pouring baked beans on a building's doorstep

Beaning is a TikTok trend in which TikTokers record themselves pouring a can of baked beans onto a building's doorstep. This trend became especially popular in September 2021, though it dates back to April 2021.

The account @bean.bandits started the beaning trend, when they posted a video of themselves pouring multiple cans of Goya beans on someone's front porch. The video went viral, and other TikTok users began posting videos of themselves beaning people's porches, cars, driveways, and mailboxes.

In Britain, beaning got so bad that police warned shopkeepers to not sell large quantities of canned beans to teens and young adults. Eventually, TikTok began banning and taking down beaning-related content, including posts that included the #beanbandits, #getbeaned, and #beanattack hashtags.


Alright, who do y'all need to get beaned? I've got five fresh cans of pintos ready to go
A screencap from the original beaning video
A screencap from the original beaning video

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Updated November 17, 2021

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