What does HLBD stand for?

Happy late birthday

The day after your birthday, you may receive a number of texts that include the acronym HLBD. That's because HLBD stands for "happy late birthday," a phrase that so-called "friends" and "family members" use to acknowledge that they forgot your birthday.

Gracious people usually respond to HLBD with some form of "thank you," such as TY, thx, or TYVM. (After all, wasn't it nice that the person who sent you HLBD remembered your birthday at all?) Less-gracious people may ghost those who wish them a HLBD or respond with a spiteful acronym of their own.


HLBD, I hope it was a good one!
Actually, I cried all night because I thought you'd forgotten me
... OMG, I'm so sorry

HLBD means "happy late birthday"

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Updated December 4, 2020

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