What does b-day mean?


B-day is an abbreviation for "birthday" that people commonly use to refer to the celebration of when a person was born (often in the form of a party). For example, your dad may ask you, "Where do you want to eat for your b-day?"

You may hear people use b-day in real life (IRL) or see it online or in messages. For example, your friend may text you, "When's your b-day again? I don't want to schedule my vacay during your celebration."

B-day is one of several abbreviations for "birthday." Alternatives include bd and bday. Also, people may use HB2U, HBTU, or hbd to wish people a happy birthday.


I hope you can come to my b-day party next weekend!
When is it?
At 6pm on Saturday
Kewl. I'll be there.

Excited kids at a b-day party

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Updated April 25, 2023

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