What does HL stand for?


Gamers use the acronym HL to refer to Half-Life, an award-winning FPS and puzzle-solving game published by Valve. In HL, players play as Gordon Freeman, a scientist who must escape the Black Mesa Research Facility before it is overrun by aliens. Unlike many FPSes, HL regularly requires players to solve puzzles to advance and defeat bosses, rather than simply shooting everything in sight.

HL proved so popular that it inspired several sequels and mod-based follow-ups, including Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, and Half-Life 2. (Don't ask about Half-Life 3.) The puzzle-solving games Portal and Portal 2 are also set in the Half-Life universe.


I still play through HL once every few years ... it holds up
HL holds a special place in many gamers' hearts
HL holds a special place in many gamers' hearts

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Updated April 1, 2022

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