What is icurnvs short for?

I see you are envious

Icurnvs is an abbreviation for "I see you are envious," or, "I can tell you're jealous." It is typically used when bragging about something and assuming that the other person is jealous.

The abbreviation is typically used in text messages or online. Each letter in the abbreviation sounds like if you were actually saying, "I see you are envious." The "i" stands for "I," "c" stands for "see," "u" stands for "you," "r" stands for "are," "n" stands for "en," "v" stands for "vi," and "s" stands for "ous."

The abbreviation is rather obscure so you should only use it with people that you think will actually understand it. Otherwise, you'll have to explain it, which will defeat the whole purpose of using it in the first place.


ICURNVS that my daddy got me a new car for my sixteenth birthday
Icurnvs means
Icurnvs means I see you are envious

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Updated April 2, 2019

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