What does jellz mean?


While jealousy is typically toxic and destructive, "jellz" is a humorous kind of jealousy between friends who acknowledge the good fortune the other experienced. People, often valley girl types and junior highers, may use it IRL, in messages, and online.

For example, your friend may get to leave school early for her family vacay to Mexico, and you respond, "so jellz! have the best time ever, my luv!!" Or, one of your friends may post a pic of them with amazing seats at a concert, and your post, "SOOO JELLZ. YOU MUST TELL ME EVERYTHING!!!!!"


I'm totes jellz that John asked u to the dance!!!
IKR?!? I'm dying!
Of course everyone is totes jellz
Of course everyone is totes jellz

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Updated November 27, 2023

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