What does GIWIST stand for in messages?

Gee, I wish I'd said that

GIWIST is an acronym people may use in messages when regretting that they hadn't said something in an earlier situation. For example, if your friend makes a funny comment in a text message, you might reply with, "GIWIST. Brilliant!"

There are numerous occasions when you might use GIWIST. Some include when you realize something funny, intelligent, or comforting you could have said in a moment when you said nothing or something forgettable. For example, your wife might share how you could have responded to your boss' inappropriate joke, and you reply with, "GIWIST. That would have been much better than remaining silent like I did."

You may also encounter GIWISI, which is similar to GIWIST but replaces "that" with "it." GIWIST is often a byproduct of conversation remorse.


You should have outlined how you planned and implemented the food distribution for thousands of people in the community through your church
GIWIST in my job interview
Facepalm is a common reaction to the GIWIST feeling
Facepalm is a common reaction to the GIWIST feeling

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Updated May 16, 2023

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