What does IFLY stand for?

I freaking love you


When you passionately love someone, send them "IFLY," which is a more intense version of "ILY." Most people use it online, when emailing, and when texting.

While it can be used in a platonic manner, many people use it to profess romantic love for a gf, bf, or spouse. People often send it when they are excited or really appreciative of something a person did.

Examples when you may see IFLY include texting with your bestie or messaging online with your gf. Be judicious when using IFLY since the "F" may stand for "f***ing," which some people may take great offense to.


I can't believe you managed to get us tickets to the concert, IFLY!
IFLY tweet
IFLY tweet

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Updated August 11, 2021

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