What does 182 mean?

I hate you

182 is slang for "I hate you," which people may use seriously or jokingly to convey hatred toward a person. The numbers phonetically represent the phrase. 1 = "I," 8 = "hate," and 2 = "you."

If someone uses 182 seriously, they might send it to a friend who broke their trust or to an overbearing parent. Or, they might send it to a cyberbully who is trolling them.

When used jokingly, a person may text their BFF 182 when they send them a meme poking fun at their haircut. Or, a person's crush may tease them in a DM about an embarrassing baby picture.


182 ... I can't believe you did better than me on the test w/o even studying
Don't hate the player; hate the game

Serious 182

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Updated October 24, 2022

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