What social app is IMVU?

Instant Messaging Virtual Universe

Technically, IMVU doesn't stand for anything. But some users of this VR social networking app expand IMVU to Instant Messaging Virtual Universe. (Even though instant messaging isn't a big part of the IMVU experience these days.)

In IMVU, users roam around as a 3D avatar, experiencing a virtual world in which they can chat, hang out with, and otherwise interact with online friends (also represented by avatars). The worlds that IMVU contains can consist of dance clubs, gaming halls, resorts, mansions, mazes, spaceships, and nearly anything else users can imagine.


Let's meet up on IMVU later tonight
Sounds good; I could use a chat with someone. And maybe a game of virtual pool
One user's thoughts on IMVU's evolution
One user's thoughts on IMVU's evolution

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Updated June 20, 2023

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