What is ir8 short for?


Ir8 is short for "irate," which is another way to say that you are angry, fuming, vexed, or annoyed. The 8 represents "ate," which makes "irate" when preceded by "ir."

It is typically seen online and in text messages. The abbreviation is most often used on social media by people who are upset by something, whether it be a bad thing that happened to them or frustration with what someone said or did.

Ir8 is rather uncommon since it is primarily only used by slang-savvy users. Because it is somewhat obscure, be careful who you use it with, as it may confuse older, non-slang-savvy users.


I was ir8 after he didn't call me back again for the third time

That ir8 feeling

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Updated November 10, 2020

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