What does IRDK stand for?

I really don't know

IRDK is an extension of the commonly used IDK acronym that means the person really doesn't know something. For example, if you don't know who your friend is dating, but your other friend wants you to spill the tea, you might say, "IRDK."

Most people use IRDK when messaging online, in texts, and in emails. They typically use it as a one-word response, but they may also include it as part of a sentence.

An example of when you might use IRDK is when your husband is texting you about the location of the lost TV remote. Another example is when a coworker messages you about a procedure you haven't performed in several years.


So you don't know what Elizabeth said to Jasmine?
Seriously, IRDK what you are talking about
IRDK tweet
IRDK tweet

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Updated October 11, 2022

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