What does ITBOOTP mean in text messages?

In the bathroom, out of toilet paper

ITBOOTP is an obscure acronym a person may text a friend when they are in the bathroom and desperate for toilet paper. People may send it when stuck in a friend's bathroom, public restroom, or even in a portable toilet (e.g., port-a-potty, biffy, etc.).

For example, your friend may have just relieved himself in the restroom at a grocery store and found out that the toilet paper (TP) is all out, sending "ITBOOTP!!!!" in all capital letters. Or, your sibling is stuck on your friend's porcelain throne and messages you, "EMERGENCY - ITBOOTP!"


I'm ITBOOTP... pls bring some TP in here!
On my way!!!

That moment right before you send ITBOOTP

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Updated September 18, 2023

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