Porcelain Throne

What does porcelain throne mean?


A porcelain throne is a fancy name for a toilet. It comes from the porcelain material used to make toilets and the royal seat a king or queen sits on.

The porcelain throne is typically located in the bathroom of a house or randomly in the basement out in the open in old homes. They are also located in the restrooms of a restaurant, gas station, store, office building, etc.

It goes without saying that the porcelain throne is a necessity in the modern world for doing bodily business in a dignified manner. Over the years, people spend a lot of time on the throne so some people decorate the space to make it more comfortable and fancy, like a throne room.

Besides taking care of natural bodily functions, some people go to the throne to relax or just find some peace and quiet from kids or SOs. Just don't let your legs fall asleep when sitting on the throne for prolonged periods (that can get dangerous when standing up).

A porcelain throne is also known as a john and a bathroom might be abbreviated as BR.


I'm gonna go spend some time on the porcelain throne reading my book
Game of Thrones porcelain throne
Game of Thrones porcelain throne

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Updated August 2, 2021

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