What does IYKWIM mean online and in texts?

If you know what I mean

IYKWIM is an acronym you will likely see in texts or online. People often use it when trying to get another person to understand something from their point of view.

Moreover, people typically use IYKWIM as a "wink-wink" type of message when communicating a message with a deeper or hidden meaning (like an inside joke). For example, when texting with a friend, you might send them, "jared doesn't think the problem is terry, but actually steven, iykwim." Or, you might post on social media, "My new baby boy is giving me life IYKWIM."


I feel strongly about it, IYKWIM
Oh ya, IKWUM
A tongue-in-cheek IYKWIM message
A tongue-in-cheek IYKWIM message

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Updated September 11, 2023

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