What does KWIM stand for online and in messages?

Know what I mean

People use "KWIM" to confirm understanding with someone. For example, if your friend explains that she dumped her boyfriend because she thought he wasn't chivalrous enough, she might end it with, "KWIM?"

Most people use KWIM in messages or online in the form of a question to verify that everyone is on the same page when ambiguity is involved. In these instances, they typically place KWIM at the end of a statement or as a standalone question.

The ambiguity may be due to the complex nature of what you are discussing, such as how nuclear power plants function or the intricacies of time travel. Or, you might be complaining about how loud someone chews and want affirmation that you are not crazy for wanting to tape their mouth shut.


I wish people were just nicer to each other, KWIM?
Yup. Unfortunately, that's just not the way the world works

Fallon being Fallon; KWIM?

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Updated April 11, 2023

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