What does J2LYK stand for?

Just to let you know

J2LYK is a quick way to let someone know you want to share a piece of information. For example, if you want to tell your friend something important, you might text them, "J2LYK, you were right about the expiration date!"

J2LYK is the number version of JTLYK and similar to FYI, but not nearly as common. Like FYI, most people use it in messages, whether they are texts or in a chatroom. People also use it on social media, such as posts or DMs.

For example, your date might text you, "J2LYK, I had a great time last night." Or, you might comment on a pic on Facebook, "I only had 3 hours of sleep when this pic was taken, j2lyk."


J2LYK, I decided to take the job
Good for you!
J2LYK, this is a J2LYK tweet
J2LYK, this is a J2LYK tweet

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Updated November 21, 2022

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