What does LYK stand for in messages?

Let you know

People send LYK in messages as shorthand for "let you know" or "letting you know." For example, your friend may text you, "I'll LYK when I return from work. Cool?"

LYK is particularly helpful when communicating to someone that you will tell them something at a future time. You likely cannot tell them at that moment because you don't know or don't want to tell them right now.

Examples of instances when LYK is handy are when you will be done with a game, when you know what the weather will be like, when you will arrive by plane, and when you can take off work for vacation. Additionally, other variations of LYK include ILYK, JLUK, JSYK, and LMK.


I will LYK when I finally get a new computer
SG. I'll wait until then

Gotta LYK what LYK means

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Updated April 11, 2023

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