Joyous Murray

What does joyous murray mean?

A meme featuring a joyful Bill Murray

Joyous Murray is a meme that features an image of the face of a joyful Bill Murray. The image comes from video capturing Murray's reaction to the Chicago Cubs finally winning a World Series title in 2016 after a 108-year championship drought.

The meme was partially created to combat the popularity of the Crying Jordan meme that became overused and stale to many people. Joyous Murray is used much like Crying Jordan but instead of expressing sadness and disappointment, Murray's face is used for moments of happiness and jubilation. Also as a sidenote, both memes are connected to Chicago sports (Jordan with the Bulls and Murray with the Cubs) and, of course, the 1996 classic kids film Space Jam, in which they both starred. The term may also appear as the less popular "Joyful Murray."


Joyous Murray makes me so happy
Agreed, my faith in humanity has been restored
The beginning of Joyous Murray on Twitter
The beginning of Joyous Murray on Twitter
Example of a Joyous Murray meme posted on Twitter
Example of a Joyous Murray meme posted on Twitter

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Updated November 3, 2016

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