What does JW stand for?

Just wondering

JW is a quick way to say that you are thinking about something, whether it be grandiose or minuscule. Most people encounter it in emails and in text messages, or online in chatrooms and messages to refer to curiosity.

When do I use JW?

You may use JW in various contexts as a standalone response or within a sentence. For example, someone may ask why you asked them a probing question and you want to say that you were just wondering so you just send "JW."

You could also use it to break the ice when asking a possibly awkward question. For instance, you could begin with "JW..." then ask if a girl will go on a date with you or if your friend is struggling to pay rent.


JW... Are you planning on asking anyone to the dance next week?

That JW feeling

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Updated June 30, 2021

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