What does TAY stand for in messages and online?

Thinking about you

If someone is thinking of you, they may send "TAY" to you in a message. For example, if you haven't seen your friend in a while, they may send you a text out of the blue that says, "TAY. We need to do something soon!"

While people may send it when missing a person, they often send it to others experiencing something challenging or discouraging, such as the death of a family member or a breakup. Because of this, people commonly associate TAY with prayers.

Most people appreciate receiving TAY in a message because it's nice to know, especially if they are thinking about the person who sent the message. However, if you receive TAY from a creeper, you will probably be weirded out.


Just wanted you to know that I'm TAY!
Thx! Miss you! Let's do lunch soon

It's always nice to receive TAY

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Updated June 13, 2023

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