1. What is jc short for?


A virtual profession in World of Warcraft used to cut uncut gems into gems that are useful for enhancing a character's equipment.


LF JC to cut gems my mats pst!

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Updated July 15, 2014
2. What does JC stand for?

Just chilling

JC is an acronym that stands for "just chilling." It's another way to say that you're relaxing or that you're not doing too much.

You're most likely going to see JC in text messages or online when responding to a person's question about what he or she is up to. You might also see it as a caption to a picture of a person hanging out and taking it easy.


Hey man, what's going on?
Not much, JC.
JC Image

JC means just chilling

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Updated June 7, 2018
3. What does JC stand for?

Just checking

People use JC online and in text messages to tell others that they are "just checking" in on something or someone. It is typically sent after receiving a response to a sensitive question to clarify why it was asked in the first place.

JC is handy when tip-toeing around a delicate topic while looking for more information. It's a good way to communicate that you don't want to be too nosy but need more information about something specific.

An instance when you may use JC is asking for more information about the start time of an event when you've already asked several questions and don't want to appear too annoying. Or you may use it when asking for more information about why a couple broke up but don't want to appear like you want to gossip, even if that's all you are actually looking for.


Thanks for letting me know. I was JC to make sure.

When you are JC and don't want to get too involved

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Updated March 2, 2021
4. What does JC stand for?

Just curious

Inquisitive people sometimes use JC to stand for "just curious." This acronym (very nebulously) explains why someone asked a question.

If someone says they were JC about something, they may actually have just been curious. Or, they may not want to tell you the real reason why they asked their question. If you want to get to the bottom of why someone asked a question, you can send back "But y were u JC? JC ..."


Thanks for the explanation, I was jc.

JC means "just curious"

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Updated July 27, 2021

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