Keep It 100

What does keep it 100 mean?

Stay true to yourself

Keep it 100 is a slang phrase that means "stay true to yourself." It is often used when parting to tell another person to be himself and live by his values no matter what anyone else says.

Keep it 100 is similar to the older "keep it real" phrase but is the cooler version. It gained widespread popularity in 2018.

The phrase comes from the notion that 100 represents completeness or fullness, like when obtaining 100% on an assignment or feeling 100% healthy. Those are great things and are the goals for anyone with a pulse.

So when telling someone that he should "keep it 100," you are really telling him that he is great and should keep it that way, don't change. Keep it 100 is often sent with the red 100 points emoji as in "keep it [emoji]." It may also be said as "keep it hundo p."


This was so much fun, we need to hang again
Fo sho, bro. Keep it 100

This guy is keeping it 100

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Updated December 29, 2020

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