What does SYLA stand for?

See you later alligator

SYLA is a playful way to part with someone when ending a conversation. It stands for "see you later alligator" and is typically replied with the AAWC ("after a while crocodile") acronym.

Where did SYLA come from?

People began using SYLA in the 2000s as texting, and online chatting became more commonplace. By that time, "see you later alligator" was already established as a playful way to say "goodbye."

When do I use SYLA?

You may use SYLA at the end of emails, in texts, and online when concluding a conversation but still planning to speak again eventually. While the saying is well-known, SYLA is not, so be judicious in who you use it with.


Gotta run, SYLA

Good talk, SYLA!

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Updated June 1, 2021

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