What is l8 short for?


When you are going to be late for something, you can tell the waiting party that you will be "l8." People commonly use the abbreviation to feel clever when texting and online, especially when messaging or on social media.

L8 is one of many abbreviations that replace "ate," "ait," and "eight" in words with the number 8. Other examples include l8r, w8, b8, cre8, and cul8r.

The abbreviation is meant to save time when typing, but since it typically saves just 1 or 2 characters, most people use it to sound cool. Unfortunately, it often has the opposite effect (where many people think it sounds lame).


It's getting l8, I should probably go to bed
Me too, cul8r
w8, I forgot to tell you about the trip
U can tell me 2morrow at brunch. Dnbl8!

When your sitter is running l8 and you have dinner reservations

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Updated August 8, 2022

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