What does b8 mean online?


B8 is a quick way to write "bait," which likely refers to inflammatory content a person posts or shares that attracts other users to react and interact. You will likely see b8 as a noun or verb in messages, on social media, when gaming, and on online forums.

For example, if you are messaging your friend and he says something that he knows will make you mad, you might respond with, "I kno wut u r doing and im def not taking the b8. :)" Or, you might warn your friend not to engage with trolls online by messaging him, "they r b8ing u. just don't respond. it's not worth it."

However, if a fisherman sends b8, it probably refers to actual fishing bait. For example, your dad may text you, "I'll get the b8 for the trip, just bring your stuff and be there by 7."


Did they take the b8?
Hook, line, and sinker. :)

Realizing you've fallen for b8

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Updated September 19, 2023

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