Cul8r has 2 meanings
1. What is cul8r short for in messages?

Call you later

If someone sends you "cul8r" in a message online or a text, they may be telling you that they will "call you later." However, if you receive the abbreviation after saying goodbye, it probably means "see you later."

When people send cul8r, they are likely occupied and unable to communicate at the moment. For example, they may be in a work meeting, putting the kids to bed, or about to eat a meal. However, once they are free, they will call you. Remember that the "later" part is up for debate as one person's "later" may be as soon as possible while another person's might be ten hours later.


I'll cul8r after school
Sounds good

The cul8r signals

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Updated June 20, 2023
2. What is cul8r short for?

See you later

When you want to end a conversation while messaging with a person you will most likely talk to again, send "cul8r." The abbreviation combines the "cu" and "l8r" terms, and people often use it when messaging online and via texts.

You should only use cul8r in informal conversations, or "convos" as the cool kids say; otherwise, people will probably criticize you for being too casual.

An example of when you might send "cul8r" is when leaving an online chatroom you often frequent. Or, you might text "cul8r" to your friend when you have to attend class.


I'm gonna go to the wedding now, cul8r alligator!

Cul8r, buddy

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Updated January 19, 2022

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