MeToo Moment

What is a MeToo moment?

An experience of sexual abuse or harassment

The Me Too movement (#MeToo) is a social movement against sexual abuse and harassment that began in 2017. It primarily consists of users (both famous and non-famous) sharing harrowing stories of sexual crimes, which became known as "MeToo moments."

When #MeToo was at its peak in 2017 and 2018, many women, and some men, came forward on social sites like Twitter and Facebook. They shared their experiences, and some even exposed the perpetrators.

While some critics believe the MeToo movement became a witch hunt led by a cybermob, many heralded it as an empowering movement for victims. #MeToo peaked in 2018, but users are still coming forward to share their MeToo moments.


I was so shocked when Christina shared her MeToo moment. I had no idea
MeToo protest
MeToo protest

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Updated December 23, 2021

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