1. What does cupcake mean?

A young female who seeks favor with powerful men

A cupcake is a young female who seeks favor with powerful men. The female fawns over these powerful men, listening intently to every word of theirs, and almost worshipping their very being.

Cupcakes are typically younger women who get caught up with the allure of a man who has power in some way, whether it be money or respect from others. These young women are seen as rewards by powerful men, treats for their accomplishments in their respective fields. This idea of a treat is where the name "cupcake" comes from. The term gained exposure as part of the #MeToo social media movement that brought to light sexual harassment stories among women and men. The term is mentioned in the "Five Women" (March 2, 2018) podcast featured on This American Life.


Look at all those cupcakes hanging on his every word.
And he can't get enough of their attention.

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Updated March 12, 2018
2. What is a cupcake?

A gay man

Cupcake is a term for a gay man that may be positive or negative, depending on how people use it. When used positively, it is another way to say that a person is attractive (similar to "stud muffin"). However, when used negatively, it is meant to ridicule a gay man's effeminate qualities.

What are the origins of the cupcake term?

It is unclear who coined the term, but it has been used since the 1990s by heterosexuals to tease guys about their sexuality or ridicule how they are acting. "Cupcake" primarily comes from the frilly properties of a cupcake dessert, similar to a guy with effeminate qualities that indicate that he may be gay.

Who uses the cupcake term?

Heterosexuals may use the term to make fun of other straight men who show interest in things they deem "gay," e.g., crying, sharing their feelings, or not wanting to play sports. However, others may use it to tear down others they know are gay and intend to cause psychological harm to them. When used this way, the LGBTQ community considers it offensive.

Gay men may also use cupcake as a compliment to remark about a man's excellent physique. The man's body may even look like a cupcake with a muscular upper body and a nice bottom. For example, Madison Cawthorn is such a cupcake.


Did you see what he was wearing last night?
Yeah, he's such a cupcake.

Wanting to look fabulous may be perceived as a cupcake quality

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Updated April 25, 2022

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