What does moolah mean?


Moolah means money. It also appears as mula but is less common.

The term is widely understood as a term that refers to money, or at least something of monetary value. And people of all ages may use the term, partially because it's been used a lot in pop culture and it's just fun to say.

When did the moolah term become popular?

Most linguists agree that the term surfaced in the 1930s with prominent usage by U.S. gamblers and hipsters. The term remains relevant today, even as many other slang terms have been coined to refer to money, such as Bread, Dough, Paper, and Scratch.

What are the origins of the moolah term?

Some scholars believe the word came from the Gypsy word "mol," which means "to be worth." Others believe that it comes from the Irish phrase "moll oir," which means "pile of gold."

The term may have also come from "mulya" (pronounced Mool-ya), which is a Sanskrit word that means "value" or "price." The "mulya" word is also used in Hindi, Marathi, and various other languages in India. Additionally, "Amulya" means "priceless."


Can I borrow some moolah?
Moolah means
Moolah means Money

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Updated July 9, 2020

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