What does bread mean financially?


Bread is slang for money or cash, similar to dough. Not to be confused with the food, although you could buy bread with bread.

You may see or hear people use the bread slang term online, in messages (including texts), and in-person conversations. For example, your friend may text you to ask if they could borrow some bread for a concert ticket while waiting for their next paycheck. Or, you may congratulate your brother on his new job, saying, "I'm gonna have to call you a baker with all the bread you'll be making at corporate!"

Origin of bread

There are several claims about where the "bread" slang term originated. One of the most prominent claims dates back to the American Civil War in the 1860s when soldiers asked for payment for their services in the form of bread instead of money.


How much bread have you been making at that new job?
More than I can keep track of! It's definitely been a nice bump!
Making bread to eat bread (or whatever you want to eat)
Making bread to eat bread (or whatever you want to eat)

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Updated May 8, 2023

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