What does mwahugz mean?

Kisses and hugs

When you want to send some digital love (platonic or romantic), message "mwahugz." The term combines "mwah" (the sound of a kiss) and "hugz" the cool (obvi) slang for hugs.

You can use mwahugz in just about any digital space, whether it be on social media, a forum, a chatroom, or a text message. People typically send it at the end of a message when parting, but you can use it any time you want to communicate an extra dose of affection.

Also, most people use mwahugz in a romantic sense, like a lover's kiss on the lips and a warm embrace. However, you can use it platonically towards good friends (female besties often do this) and relatives, like a kiss on the cheek (the ones you get from your great aunt) and a friendly hug when greeting a good pal.


I hope to see you soon... Mwahugz!

An adorbs real-life mwahugz between Uncle Jesse and Michelle

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Updated December 17, 2021

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