What does XO mean?

Kiss and Hug

XO is a quicker way to send someone kisses and hugs than using XOXO. The "X" represents "kiss(es)," and the "O" represents "hug(s)" (either platonic or romantic).

People may use it in various contexts, including writing it in greeting cards and when texting a loved one. For example, you may write a nice message in a birthday card to your friend and end it with "XO, Your bestie!" Or, you may message your wife on a business trip and say, "I miss you and the kids a ton. XO!"

Origin of XO

There are several beliefs about the origins of "XO." One of the most prominent beliefs is that the "X" comes from the Middle Ages when people used the letter to sign their names on important documents, which they then sealed with a kiss. The X is similar to a cross (coming from the cross in Christianity) that people understood as goodwill.

Some historians believe Jewish immigrants signed their names with an O since their beliefs differed from those of Christians. Also, some note that the X looks like two people kissing, and the O resembles two people's arms hugging. It is unclear when people began placing the X and the O beside each other.


Goodnight, sweetheart! xo
Luv you!

XO sends kisses and hugs

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Updated June 20, 2023

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