What is obvi short for?


Obvi is an abbreviation that emphasizes that something is abundantly clear. People may use "obvi" online, in DMs, and in text messages. You may also hear it in real life (pronounced "ob-vee"), like something you would hear from valley girls and junior highers.

For example, your friend may ask if you want to go to the beach for the day, and you reply, "Obvi! Let me go get my stuff." Or, you may message your friend, "You are obvi not going to like this but I think I like Mark."

Obvi is one of many abbreviations people use in real life and in writing. Some examples include def, totes, and fo sho.


its so obvi that jill is in love with ryan
ikr?!? she is obsessed with him

That obvi expression

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Updated December 11, 2023

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