What does n8kd mean online and in messages?


N8kd is an abbreviation for "naked" that people may use in messages and online. It's barely an abbreviation since it is just one character shorter, but people may also use it to skirt filters in forums and chatrooms.

For example, if two people are romantically linked, they may use n8kd when messaging online. Or, someone might use it because they love chatting abbreviations and acronyms (e.g., "Their n8kd aggression is concerning for potential peace talks").

Since 8 is typically for abbreviating "ate," "ait," and "eight" letter combinations, some people may be confused by the number as a replacement for the letter "a." Therefore, nekkid might be a better alternative.


Did you see that streaker on TV who ran n8kd across the football field?
No. I'm glad I didn't, tho!

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Updated June 5, 2023

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